About Price Statistics In Rajasthan

Price stability is essential for sustaining the momentum of growth and ensuring proper distribution of the benefits of development. Inflation hurts the poor the most since their income is not indexed. To prices Wholesale price Index as well as consumer Price Index indicates the trend of price variations in the economy.

The price situation in the state is influenced by the price behaviour at the national level. The fluctuation in the Prices is depicted by wholesale price and consumer price indices. The Directorate of Economics & Statistics is collecting, on regular basis, the wholesale & consumer prices of essential commodities from selected centers in the State. On the basis of these prices, monthly wholesale price indices are being prepared regularly.

(1) Wholesale Price Index (WPI) :
The wholesale prices of selected agricultural, minerals, fuel, power, light & lubricants and manufactured commodities are collected on every Friday in 76 selected centers for 154 items. District Statistical Officers and Kirshi upaj Mandies,

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